In Your Shadow

You have always needed to be better than me
Always needed to belittle or exclude me in small ways
So that only you and I would notice
For the most part I have allowed this
I opened the door that let this behavior in
I stepped aside to clear a path for you
I dimmed my light so that you could shine
But I know that behind your breaking laugh
You are bigger and darker than you appear
You can disguise that all you want but you and I know it’s there
And I would rather walk alone, than together in your shadow
-The Ink & Salt Club-

The Devil’s Hands

At a young age I was introduced to the devil. He was handsome, popular, loved and he held the entire school in the palm of his hand. The very hand that tipped over the first domino. One day we were children and the next day, we weren’t. We were monsters, I shed blood defending what little of mine was left to defend but in the end we were outnumbered. We plunged our white flags into the soil and we left.
Years later I met the devil again, just as handsome as he had been before. His boyish good looks exchanged for a mans. As fate would of had it, he moved in next door to my apartment. He didn’t recognize me, I can imagine he never thought twice about us after we left…but I remembered him and I remember what he set his wolves out to do.
At the end of the world, I will remember him.