Phantom Limb

Every now and again, I can feel the memory
Like a ghost in my heart
Similar to feeling your phone vibrate in your pocket
When you know full well you left it on your nightstand in the morning
I reach to my chest to catch the sadness to capture it in my hands
So that I can finally throw it out for good
but as quickly as it came, it is gone
-The Ink & Salt Club-


And what if we were to take away the flower you all long so deeply for?
Barbed our fences, dug moats
Will you continue to rip it from our gardens by force?
I will not smile for you
I will not be agreeable for your sake
I will not walk by with my head down
Pretending I didn’t hear you
Remember that, while you sit in your offices and sign your papers
And pass your laws and make your judgements
That the storm is coming
The gasoline has been waiting
You’ve only lit the match
And it will not be a man that rises from its ashes
-The Ink & Salt Club-


I have always both feared and admired the sea

It is calm and violent, vast and suffocating, tiny boats bobbing along at it’s mercy. You do not appear to be afraid of anything about the ocean

You are calm and steady, like an anchor keeping everything from floating away. I have also, always feared and admired you

In Your Shadow

You have always needed to be better than me
Always needed to belittle or exclude me in small ways
So that only you and I would notice
For the most part I have allowed this
I opened the door that let this behavior in
I stepped aside to clear a path for you
I dimmed my light so that you could shine
But I know that behind your breaking laugh
You are bigger and darker than you appear
You can disguise that all you want but you and I know it’s there
And I would rather walk alone, than together in your shadow
-The Ink & Salt Club-